LibreOffice customization and creation of legal document templates

Librecust Adding open source software in employee's workflow.

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What is Librecust?

Librecust is a project developed in the context of GSOC 2018, introduced by GFOSS. Through interface customizations and development of extensions (toolbars, addons, wizards...), it aims to introduce open source tools, and especially LibreOffice in Greek legal employee's workflow. Office software and especially text editors are the main tool used by such services and a field reigned by closed source suites such as Microsoft Office. Employees where hired with mandatory MS Office knowledge, and throughout their career, developed muscle memory to these tools. Helping users to get familiar with open source text editing tools like LibreOffice/OpenOffice is expected to give a significant boost in open source usage as far as Greek public services are concerned.

Page Numbering Addon

Simplifying LibreOffice/OpenOffice page numbering procedure while implementing an abstract interface for user interaction.
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Interface customization

Customized interface for legal department employees that where recruited with mandatory Microsoft Office 2003 knowledge (ECDL certification). Toolbar and menubar, tools that are mostly used from employees where adapted to MS principles while preserving LO/OO advanced functionality
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Law toolbar

Toolbar with most frequently used functionalities by law employees (e.g. auto law fetching, AutoText, Save as template... ). All add-ons created in this project are included in a dedicated toolbar.
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Template creation extension

Developed extensions that automate law document editing and create template like functions. AutoText feature gets revamped for eased access and insertion while editing the document through sidebar wizard. Compatibility with existing template management systems is achieved. More info...